1. I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man

  2. Rolling Around In Space

  3. Michael Evans

  4. Visiting Day

  5. Dissolving Star

  6. Wet Shoes

  7. I've Run Away with the Circus

  8. A Wild Monkey Appeared

  9. Across the Street from the Regent Hotel

  10. Songs About Time and Your Uncle
    Samm Bennett

  11. I Need To Talk To You
    Samm Bennett

  12. Bennett-Kuroda Double A-side Single

  13. Ode To Billy Joe

  14. Deixa Isso Pra La

  15. Don't Think I Should Stay In New Orleans

  16. Santa Claus Is Drunk Off His Ass

  17. I'm Waiting for the Man

  18. Suffragette City

  19. All Shook Up

  20. Roomful of Ghosts
    Samm Bennett

  21. All Tomorrow's Parties

  22. Butterfly Trapped in a Phone Booth

  23. As Luck Would Have It

  24. Smoke Benders: The Sabaco Session
    Smoke Benders

  25. Should Be No Confusion

  26. Round and Round

  27. Call the Name Across

  28. Monkey Fell Off the Mountain

  29. Baby I Hope So

  30. Bone Down

  31. John Lewis Bridge

  32. The Smile Room

  33. By the Roadside

  34. Grandpa You're a Goner (But the Economy Will Be Just Fine)

  35. Chain and Shadow

  36. Just Because

  37. Used To Ride That Train

  38. Gone Gone Gone

  39. Toss Another Coin

  40. Mother's Little Children

  41. In the Unfolding of Your Luxuriant Hair

  42. Just Let the Wind Blow

  43. Your Favorite Song

  44. Passenger

  45. Knew You'd Be Gone

  46. No Such Place As Home

  47. Please Sing My Song When I'm Gone

  48. What Was That Sound I Heard

  49. Billionaires

  50. Cheap Perfume

  51. Doo Dah Day

  52. Lexington Avenue Line

  53. I Believe We've Been Misled

  54. O, Death

  55. All Undone

  56. Got To Be a River

  57. The Cuckoo (unplugged)

  58. Bona Fide

  59. Life Just Isn't Fair

  60. Gone Getaway

  61. Don't Let the Door Hit Your Ass on Your Way Out of the White House, Donald Trump

  62. Bridge in the Sky

  63. Baby Bug

  64. American Dream

  65. Just Blew Into Town

  66. All I Want Is Your Love

  67. Cupcake, When You Have a Chance

  68. Show Me the Way to the River

  69. Let Me Drift Away

  70. Little Songbirds

  71. Alligator

  72. Ain't I Lucky

  73. Believing the Lie

  74. Forsaken

  75. Dramamine

  76. Woe Is Me Woe Is You

  77. I've Always Wanted To Be On TV

  78. Chase Scene!

  79. Trigger the Libs

  80. Dry County

  81. To Tennessee

  82. Whole Bag of Wrong

  83. Out On US Highway 30

  84. This Buffalo Nickel

  85. Carrying My Baby Round Town

  86. Gotta Let You Go

  87. Your Little One Way Street

  88. Pigs Ate My Roses

  89. Showbiz

  90. The Cuckoo

  91. I'm Worried About You

  92. Some Kind of Superhero

  93. That Guy In That Room!

  94. Bring Me the Head of Elmo

  95. Man With Three Mules

  96. Party People, Get on the Dancefloor

  97. Jacaranda

  98. Old Joe Brown

  99. Point of No Return

  100. Junkie Heaven

  101. Been Too Long

  102. Bless Your Pretty Bones

  103. This Old Man

  104. Down the Road

  105. SOS

  106. The Ballad of Molly Branson

  107. A Little Sympathy

  108. Sever the Snake

  109. The US National Anthem

  110. Watched You Drive Away

  111. Home, If I Can Find It

  112. The Distant Truth

  113. The House of the Rising Sun

  114. Back Around

  115. Staying Here In This Mean Old Town

  116. Still On the Hill

  117. That Hoodoo

  118. Can't Help But Wonder Why

  119. Hi Dee Ho

  120. Chocka Chocka Bean

  121. Leave Me at the Lost and Found

  122. Mean ol' Coronavirus

  123. Turn and Tumble, Roll and Rumble

  124. Dealt a Real Bad Hand

  125. How Long, America

  126. Take Me Back To New Orleans


Samm Bennett - Polarity Records Tokyo, Japan

Singer and songwriter, player of unusual string instruments such as 3-string and 1-string guitar, plus jaw harps, mouthbow, electronics and junk, plus all manner of drums and percussion.

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